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April 18, 2014

Holy Week Illuminated:  
Good Friday

Holy Week quick links: 

1.  Holy Week Illuminated - Experience an enlightening Holy Week and Easter at WCC. Each day, join our clergy in "Seeing the Word" in the Chapel for a 30 - minute meditation with Illuminations from the St. John's Bible.

2. Four great ways to study the bible:

The Saint John's Bible - See the story on the making of this beautiful Bible that we now have on display at WCC. You can see the "Gospels and Acts" book of the Saint John's Bible located across from the Clergy Suite in the Long Hall. 

The Greatest Story Ever Told - On September 8 we began an epic journey through the entire Bible. We invite members, friends, and visitors of WCC into a rare experience of scripture in four separate but integrated ways. 

Bible for Dummies - Have you ever read the whole New Testament in a row? Allen Hilton would love to do just that with you. No prior experience required, so don't be bashful if you're new to the Bible. This is a rare opportunity to get the earliest Christian writings with an expert. Dummies meets every Wednesday. See the link for details.

Lent Study Groups - Lent at WCC equals Small Group time. Pick a Lent Study group that fits your schedule. These are exciting times, walk with Allen Hilton through the Lenten Curriculum.

I’ll see you in Church!