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Date Title Series Speaker
9/28/2014 DO: grow

DO-Sunday Series John Ross
9/24/2014 WoW! Worship on Wednesday

I AM - Wednesday Series Hilary Flynn
9/21/2014 DO: church

DO-Sunday Series John Ross
9/17/2014 WOW - Worship on Wednesday!

I AM - Wednesday Series John Ross
9/14/2014 All God's Children Sing!

DO-Sunday Series John Ross
9/7/2014 What Do You Say?

DO-Sunday Series John Ross
8/31/2014 The Spirit Ignited

Last weekend of summer

From the Heart Leslie
8/25/2014 That was Then; This is Now

From the Heart Frank Bennett
8/17/2014 Laborers in the Vineyard

From the Heart Lindy Purdy
8/10/2014 When the Crowd Presses In

From the Heart Shari Prestemon