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July 2021
Help is currently needed for new Family Ministry Team staff, who have or will not have time to recruit as many adult leaders due to the pandemic or lack of community events. The goal for Adult Leaders is to develop relationships with the Middle School and High School students. No advanced knowledge of the Bible is necessary, as leaders and staff will equip and support you! 

Middle School Leaders
Once hired, our new MS Director will need to hit the ground running! At least 6 additional leaders are needed for Middle School Ministry.

  • In the past they have had separate groups for boys and girls, so we will need 3 male and 3 female leaders for incoming 6th graders.
  • A Wednesday night commitment does have some flexibility if fully staffed. Groups need a minimum of 2 adults, so a rotation schedule is possible with their small groups. 
  • There are special weekend events throughout the year, along with mission trips. Again, not everyone is needed for every event, but it is highly recommended for deepening relationships with students.
  • Students at this age are searching for their identities, questioning many things, all in the context of a world that many times contradicts what they have learned about Christianity and living a life of faith. Peer pressure is huge, because they want to feel like they fit in and experience a lot of pressure to conform.

High School Leaders
There are a large need for HS Ministry— we need a minimum of 24 leaders, 6 per grade level— and we currently have 11. So, 13 leaders are needed.

In Interim year, after Gabe Flynn had left, the leader team was understaffed. Then with the pandemic, it has been hard to get more than a handful of new leaders to volunteer. We have also had several of our leaders move out of state. Our current leaders are amazing and very committed to the ministry. As with Middle School leaders, the goal for leaders is to develop relationships with students, and no advanced knowledge of the Bible of needed, as Leaders and staff will equip you, support you, and current leaders will also mentor you.

  • A Wednesday night commitment, mixed gender groups of students. Again, a larger number of leaders are needed so there is hearing of the load and rotation is possible.
  • There are fewer weekend events, as High School students have jobs and sports and greater independence. There are two weekend retreats each year, and attendance is encouraged.
  • High School students have a better understanding of their identity, but may still struggle in the beginning of their High School experience. As they settle into their identity, they settle into friend groups that align with their identity. They are beginning to think deeply about the world, their place in in, and they are thinking about the future.
  • Our incoming Senior class has leaders that moved away, so for those wanting to dip their toes in the water first, the Senior group would require a shorter Leader commitment. They need 4 more leaders.
  • Grade 9 needs 3 leaders.
  • Grade 10 needs 3 leaders.
  • Grade 11 needs 3 leaders. 

If you are interested in serving in either of these inclusive and life-changing ministries, please contact Molly Schroeder, Director High School Ministry, at

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