Saturday Seekers


Saturday Seekers
Saturday Mornings, 9:30-11:00 a.m. via Zoom
WHOOSH! Does that seem to define your life?  From infants to adults it seems time flies. Through all the stages and ages. How do we handle some Whooshes, especially those that are totally unexpected?  Yearning and longing for the past sometimes keeps us from recognizing and accepting the present.  Change is inevitable, constant and each is responsible for navigating in one’s own way to the best of one’s abilities. It’s okay to say you’re not always okay. How do you send your SOS for help? 

We also have to be awake to the lives of others and the realities they face. How do we make our world better?  What does looking forward look like?  Are the safety nets ready?  How do you describe them or throw out a life line? In Seekers we learn, grow, discuss and share ideas.  Let’s take a look at our faith formations, inclusive love, social justice, building trust, courageous conversations with multiple perspectives. Get the Zoom link to join the conversations; contact Judy Reed at    


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