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We believe that each member in the Special Needs community is a present day Parable. Each offers deep and challenging lessons for all of us, turning our world upside down, and demanding that we wrestle with ambiguity. They embody meekness, humility, and trust. They are wise teachers in our midst.

We have named this worship ministry “Parables” for one simple reason: Jesus taught in parables. Parables are short lessons of rich and deep wisdom. They are often hard to hear. They are challenging, often turning the world upside down, and questioning all we hold as valuable. They have ambiguous endings, demanding us to wrestle with their meaning. The message speaks differently to each of us and every time we hear one we might glean a different pearl of wisdom. They honor the meek; put the last first and the first last. We invite all in the church and the broader community to join us in celebrating and living out “the inclusive love of Jesus”.


Integrating a special needs child and their family into the mainstream of life can be a difficult undertaking. It is also true that many churches are not prepared to serve the special needs that some families bring. Wayzata Community Church is helping to change that.
Please join us Sunday mornings on our website. Click "Parables" on the homepage to view and participate in the service.

Special Needs Leadership

Rev. Leslie Neugent

Minister of Parables Worship



Rev. Leslie Neugent

    Autumn Toussaint

    Autumn Toussaint

    Director of Worship Music



    Autumn Toussaint, 952-473-8877, ext. 235

      Heidi Segedy

      Director, Special Needs Ministry



      Heidi Segedy, (952) 473-8877, ext. 234

        Interested in starting your own Parables Ministry?

        To receive all the information on how you can start your own Parables Worship Ministry using WCC Parables materials, click here.

        Click here to order “Red Fish Theology:  Parables – A How-To Guide for Offering a Radically Inclusive Worship Service with the special Needs Community”. This guide shows you how you can re-create this radically inclusive worship service for those with special needs in your community. Made possible with the support of the Minnesota UCC Conference Ashley Endowment Fund.

        Parables Stories Elise Elise spends her days in an after high school transition program called Aim. When she isn’t in school she enjoys s pending time with friends. She loves her phone and loves social media! Elise in an athlete. She is a great competitor and teammate. She works hard for a win and cheers for the other team at the same time. Elise loves love. She planned the wedding for two of her prized stuffed animals, and the bears were married at the family cabin this past summer. Parables Stories Cody Cody is a spunky package of cuteness! When he is at church he graciously shares hugs and smiles with friends. When he is at home he loves to wrestle with his dad and brother! Cody has done some big time growing recently. He has gotten taller, and more outgoing, stared talking more, and has grown more confident! Cody is the inspiration for Cody’s Dash, a 5K run that benefits Gigi’s Playhouse. Gigi’s is an amazing place for families and kids who have Down syndrome to learn, grow, and find support. Cody likes to climb, dance, play on any playground, shoot hoops, and be silly with his friends. Parables Stories Jessica Jess spends her days working and learning at Opportunity Partners and her nights in her own apartment where she lives independently with some support. Jess loves all things Kardashian; from the show to the makeup and fashion! Jess loves pop music and going to concerts. She is a collector of concert t-shirts from shows she has attended. Jess also finds vintage shirts and jewelry at her favorite thrift stores and rummage sales that she accessorizes well. She loves to paint her nails and changes hades often to suit her mood. Jess is a gifted artist, creating jewelry and other projects that she generously gives to family and friends. Parables Stories Brennan Brennan is a super star! He shines its school and he certainly shines at church as he helps bring out the best in each and every person as he sparks conversations and graciously gives hugs. It can be argued that Brennan is the best hugger in the planet! He also leads the Blessing of Communion every Sunday at Parables. Brennan loves getting to know people. One of the first facts Brennan needs to know about an individual is what kind of car they drive. Just show him your keys and he will take it from here. Brennan knows the emblem of all car companies and he makes no judgments… Brennan likes all cars! When Brennan isn’t offering a smile or hug, he is likely watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
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