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Special Needs: Parables

We believe that each member in the Special Needs community is a present day Parable. Each offers deep and challenging lessons for all of us, turning our world upside down, and demanding that we wrestle with ambiguity. They embody meekness, humility, and trust. They are wise teachers in our midst.

We have named this ministry Parables for one simple reason: Jesus taught in parables. Parables are short lessons of rich and deep wisdom. They are often hard to hear. They are challenging, often turning the world upside down, and questioning all we hold as valuable. They have ambiguous endings, demanding us to wrestle with their meaning. The message speaks differently to each of us and every time we hear one we might glean a different pearl of wisdom. They honor the meek; put the last first and the first last. We invite all in the church and the broader community to join us in celebrating and living out “the inclusive love of Jesus”.


Integrating a special needs child and their family into the mainstream of life can be a difficult undertaking. It is also true that many churches are not prepared to serve the special needs that some families bring. Wayzata Community Church is helping to change that.

Parables worship meets from September through May.

Interested in starting your own Parables Ministry?

To receive all the information on how you can start your own Parables Ministry using WCC Parables materials, click here.

Click here to order “Red Fish Theology:  Parables – A How-To Guide for Offering a Radically Inclusive Worship Service with the special Needs Community”. This guide shows you how you can re-create this radically inclusive worship service for those with special needs in your community. Made possible with the support of the Minnesota UCC Conference Ashley Endowment Fund.

Contact / Location

Contact info

Address: 125 Wayzata Boulevard East
Wayzata, MN 55391
Phone: 952-473-8877
Email: welcome@wayzatacommunitychurch.org

Worship / Calendar

Sunday Worship

8 a.m.  Chapel with Communion
9:00 a.m. Contemporary, Sanctuary
10:30 a.m. Parables Special Needs
10:45 a.m. Traditional, Sanctuary