Confirmation at WCC
Students will be encouraged and expected to take a more active role in their faith development, digging into some more in-depth questions through discussions with peers and leaders, personal work, and learning how to dig into their Bibles and discover the truths for themselves. 

 We are excited, grateful, and honored for the opportunity to be a part of your students’  faith journey.

 What we desire for all our students:

  •  For Confirmation, instruction to be seen as the next step, not the final step.
  • Students to grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Students to always be asking questions and seeking understanding- life-long learning.
  • Parents or mentors to have an active and integral part of their student’s faith formation.
  • To experience the joy, love, and support of a Christian community.
  • Talk about faith and life experiences with peers in a safe environment.
  • To be able to name, claim, and defend their faith. 
  • We want students to have space where they can ask questions, talk about their experiences and faith, and make Confirmation a life-giving part of their lives in which they can find rest and try to make sense of the world and find their place in it.  

Our Confirmation philosophy is this:

Educate without assumptions, encourage questions, and seek understanding together.

We encourage questions in Confirmation and encourage conversations to continue at home because they help students (and adults because our faith is also always forming) to navigate life in the broader culture, with the hope that they will see how God is active in their lives and our world despite how it can appear and feel. Without these rich and vibrant conversations combined with examples/modeling, the broader culture’s story and ways prevail.

Faith is a way of life, not information to master and left only to the “professionals.” 

The content will cover the foundations of Christian faith and leave room for their curiosity with some lessons focused on just that, what they wonder about. 

 This year, COVID has changed how we approach Confirmation. It is digital, so there will be a lot of flexibility for our families with a couple of live time check-ins.  It will also be interactive, with the students engaging not only those doing instruction but each other. Last year’s ninth-graders, our current sophomores, will do both sessions this winter, with a hoped-for in-person, non-Sunday confirmation service no earlier than March 2021.  Freshmen will be confirmed in the Fall of 2021. For more information, and the timeline, please contact Molly at


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