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Happy New Year High School Families!
We hope you have all enjoyed time connecting and celebrating over break! As we move forward in this New Year, the Family Ministry Team has reflected on fall programming and the present realities of restrictions and Distance Learning, and how this has impacted lives in so many ways. That being said, we recognize Digital Fatigue is widespread. We also realize that comfort levels with the spaces, interactions, and events also vary greatly. For the next six weeks, we will continue to offer the digital small group space to gather, connect, and check-in as we know this has been a deeply meaningful space for some, on the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7-8pm. Students should receive their links from their small group leaders, but if they can’t find them, please contact Molly at

After meeting with small group leaders, discussing options, what their students need and what has been meaningful for them, and the leaders comfort levels with interactions, restrictions, and social distancing, we are planning on the following:

  1. Arranging safe outside events and gatherings for face to face interaction and, of course, fun!
  2. Highly engaging digital offerings such as murder mystery events or virtual escape rooms-we will field test them first to ensure they are fantastic!
  3. Fun surprises delivered to your homes.

You have already probably heard about the virtual mystery party small group leaders and student leaders participated in last week. Well, they had a blast and loved being able to do something different and fun online together. They gave it 10 stars out of 5 and recommended it for the rest of the High School gang! So, Wednesday, March 3rd, from 7-8:30 pm, we will have three simultaneous mysteries taking place!  This event is facilitated by a game master. Throughout the game, your team members will solve puzzles, answer clues, and complete challenges to earn sparkles. Then, your teams will decide together how to spend their sparkles to gather resources and cast spells in the war. Our host will weave the game together through an epic story of dragon love, ogre stench, and a small but sturdy bridge.

Superhero Academy
(loved by comic book fans, fierce competitors, and the young at heart)

Bang! Pow! Crash! Put your team to the ultimate test at the Superhero Academy training grounds! One of our expert Super-visors will lead your team to their truest potential, as they match wits on diabolical puzzles and go head-to-head in action-packed physical challenges. They’ll have to make the most of their greatest strengths to overcome secret super-villains plotting to sabotage their victory. Hopefully, your team can save the world!


International Monster Hunter!
The Scooby Gang meets Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego as teams of Cryptozoological Researchers compete to track and trap monsters and strange creatures from all over the world. Your group will work in teams and turn into investigative sleuths who must work together and collaborate.



War of the Wizards!
A small group of talented wizards have been at war for ages past. It is rumored, correctly, that the wizards have been at the conflict so long, that not one of them quite remembers how it all started. We are enlisting your team as the wizards’ minions to help solve the puzzle and bring the war to a peaceful end.

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8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m. Parables and 10:45 a.m.
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