Summer – Adult Faith Formation

Church in the Inventive Age
Teacher: Rev. Doug Pagitt – Author, Pastor, And Activist
Time: 10:00 a.m. Wednesdays in June on Zoom
Cost: $25.00 – Includes a book mailed to you.
Scholarships available.
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Many books seek to predict the future of Christianity, but few help us grasp the opportunities of the current situation and equip us to navigate the present. Doug Pagitt, author, radio host, and pioneering leader, does just that, offering fresh, optimistic insights and practical suggestions. According to Pagitt, the last two centuries can be divided into four epochs: Idyllic, Industrial, Informational and now— Inventive. The Inventive Age— our currently reality— presents distinct opportunities for how faith communities think, what they value, and the tools they use. Pagitt offers leaders in Christian communities (and beyond) essential frameworks for participation in the Inventive Age.

Themes in The Gospel of John
Teachers: Rustin Comer and Danielle Jones
Date: June – Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Youtube, Facebook & in your email
Cost: FREE
Click here to register: Themes in the Gospel of John Jun3 2020
The Gospel according to John is a rich collection of the stories of Jesus and his followers. Join Danielle and Rustin in the month of June as they unpack key themes in the Gospel of John. Themes like:
• Light and Darkness
• Water and Life
• Seven Sign and Seven Discourse
• The I am statements 

Each of these themes will bring us to a deeper under standing of the way of Jesus and our call within this world. 

The Book of Hosea
Teachers: Rustin Comer and Danielle Jones
Dates: July – Monday, Wednesday, Friday on Youtube, Facebook & in your email
Cost: FREE
Click here to register: The Book of Hosea July 2020
This July, we’re offering Hosea as an online Bible study. We’ll spend our time in the book of Hosea and experience the love and redemption God has for His people. Join us for this 4 week  study with Rustin and Danielle.Hosea is a minor prophet in the Hebrew Bible and tells the story of a radical and reckless love of God. 

Book Study: Grace is a Preexisting Condition
Date: Wednesdays in July (4:00 p.m. on Zoom)
Cost: $25 – Includes a book mailed to you
Scholarships Available
Click here to register: Grace is a Pre-Existing Condition July 2020

Crucial conversations about mental health and mental healthcare, from a faith perspective.
Emerging from David Finnegan-Hosey’s personal experience of living with a diagnosis deemed a “preexisting condition” by insurance companies, Grace is a Pre-existing Condition explores the theological and spiritual dimensions of our public discourse around mental healthcare and mental illness and finds there the transformative reality of grace.  

The author’s insights will be of benefit to anyone concerned about creating a more just healthcare system, but particularly those who struggle with–and care for those who struggle with–mental health. Though focusing on mental health, including preexisting conditions and medical debt, his observations are equally applicable to people dealing with a variety of physical and chronic illnesses. While intentionally approaching the subject through the lens of Christian theology, this book is a contribution to a broader conversation about healthcare policy; a conversation which is likely to be in the spotlight in future political debates. Combining the accessibility of personal narrative with issues receiving attention on the national scale, Grace Is a Pre-existing Condition can begin vital and creative dialogues at a crucial time for the church and the country.





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