April 2, 2019

Well, after six days and lots of miles traveled, I find myself outside on a gorgeous patio overlooking the rolling hills of La Jolla. It’s a stark contrast from the gravel campsite that housed myself and the rest of my WCC family for the past few days. These two places are no doubt very different in appearance, but they are equals in the sense of safety, love, and joy provided. This trip is truly unforgettable to say the least, and I hope that my two $7 disposable cameras can show my loved ones just how incredible it was. In 24 hours, I will be sitting in front of my Spanish teacher; no different than any other day I will find myself wanting to be anywhere but there. In the past my mind has wondered to summer days on the lake or sleeping at home in my bed, but now I’ll be reminiscing on the time when my hair was so dirty stucco chunks filled my brush or when I wore three pairs of sweatpants, two sweatshirts, a jacket, and two pairs of socks to bed… in Mexico. I’ll be remembering the week I spent immersing myself in an environment different than my own, and hopefully remembering what it taught me. Firstly, not to pity those less fortunate than myself, but to love the opportunity that I have to help families raise their children with as much support as mine raised me. I learned that faith isn’t going to church every week and believing that God can heal all things wrong with the world. Faith (to me) is believing that there is good in every situation and believing that I have the power to bring that to light. Most importantly I learned my definition of home; the people and places that bring out the best parts of myself but accept everything else in between. My home is the friends I’ve made on this trip, my home is Gabe and Jordan (always J), my home is Wayzata Community Church, and the most incredible part of this is that my home was built around a two-room stucco house in Tecate, Mexico.



Sophia Gabrielson

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