Leadership Transition

In April 2021,  Reverend Dr. John Ross announced his planned retirement from the ministry and as the Senior Minister of Wayzata Community Church.  We have been blessed by his leadership and loving service for over 17 years.   John’s message to our congregation is below.




September 17, 2021

An Update from the Co-Lead Minister Search Committee

Dear Wayzata Community Church Members,
I want to provide you with an update on the progress of the Co-Lead Minister (CLM) Search team. It has been nine weeks since our team formed and began our work. Steps we have taken during this time include:

Finalized Co-Lead Minister Structure
We met with church leadership and the strategic planning team to review their recommendations of the Co-Lead Minister model for WCC.  We then researched other churches that use this model. We also met with a church member who had used a co-lead model to manage her very successful business venture. The response from each firmly supported this model for our church. Our team identified and discussed this model’s many potential challenges as well as the positive benefits for the congregation, the clergy, the staff, and our various ministries. We then unanimously agreed to move forward with our search, utilizing this new structure.

Hired Search Firm
A subcommittee of our group took 4 to 5 weeks to interview and assess the qualities and strengths of eight search firms that specialize in church ministerial and nonprofit fields. From those eight firms, we narrowed the field to two excellent firms and then chose the SlingShot group to represent us. SlingShot and their search consultant, Mike Goldsworthy, provide many strengths to guide and assist us.  Previously, Mike had years of experience as a youth minister, and followed that with many more years of experience as a senior minister. Recently, Mike completed a search for a senior minister in a very large UCC church in the Midwest. That recent search experience will be helpful to Mike and SlingShot’s understanding of our theology and culture and can be immediately leveraged to benefit our search as well. While we are very pleased to have secured this resource, we also recognize the importance of networking and sourcing leads provided by members of our congregation and the Search committee.

Developed a Wayzata Community Church Profile and a Co-Lead Minister Profile (Click here to read the profile)
Over the past weeks we have developed a complete WCC profile and a complete Co-Lead Minister profile with responsibilities, talents, competencies, experiences, passions, and personality traits. We felt that our list of needs could only be successful if we also knew the same important information of our current Co-Lead Minister, Danielle Jones. With Danielle‘s approval we carefully reviewed her recent competencies assessment information, interviewed her, and with this information we are now confident we can identify the right person to partner with Danielle to successfully lead Wayzata Community Church.

Organized Search Firm Meeting at WCC September 18 and 19
This week the CLM team is refining all of the extensive information and documents about WCC to share with Mike Goldsworthy and the SlingShot Group. Mike will visit and meet our church members, our ministers, our staff, our leadership team, and our CLM Search Team on September 18 and 19.  Mike’s visit, coupled with all the background information created, will be reviewed and refined by SlingShot into an impressive candidate marketing tool.  Near the end of September, Mike and his team will start posting our information and recruiting candidate resumes. They will then review and assess the individual candidates, and when appropriate, begin the interview process. They will “cast a net far and wide”.

Next Steps
Stay tuned!  The CLM Search Team will have more information to share with you on the progress of our search by early November.  At that time we will start assessing and reviewing 4 to 6 extensively vetted candidates from SlingShot and we will start our own very focused interview and selection process.

On behalf of your CLM Search Team members, know that we appreciate your trust and your patience in us and this process.

Thank you!
Dick Minors
CLM Search Team Chair

Webb Friedly
Lydia Botham
Rima Torgerson
Brandon Moore
Anne Sample
Chris Paulson
Rev. Lindy Purdy
John Hallberg
Jen Hawley

June 28, 2021

Dear WCC Members,
As we announced a few weeks ago, the church has begun to form a Search Committee to select our next Clergy Leader.  Per our Constitution, at their June 15 meeting, the Church Council authorized our HR Director, Dolores Urban, to gather names for that Committee to recommend to Council.

We have received recommendations for prospective committee members from clergy, staff and the broader congregation, and have begun to reach out to potential members. We are looking to form a Committee that represents the broad interests and membership of our church – members of all ages and stages in life, diverse interests and backgrounds, and members with different longevity at the church.

In addition, we have already connected with the Steward for Search and Call at the MN UCC Conference for their guidance and support.  The conference team has access to both local and national resources that will aid in this process.  In addition, we have had preliminary conversations with a small handful of search firms that specialize in clergy searches, and will continue to evaluate this resource for our search.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to email us at

Thank you for your support and prayers as we continue on this journey.  

Meg Good                     John Hallberg
Moderator                      Vice Moderator
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