Legacy Video Series

Legacy Series

Leave a legacy for your family. This series of videos is presented by Rev. Lindy Purdy and our Planned Giving team.

Legacy Series – Introduction

This series of 3 Legacy Conversation videos are led by Rev. S. Lindy Purdy, Pastor Emerita,  joined by a team of committed and knowledgeable members, and offered to all generations as a way to prepare for, plan for, and share the gift of legacy with family and community. 

Courageous Conversations: Practical Planning for Close Family Members 

In Session One, we look at giving the gift of information with Courageous Conversations: Practical Planning for Close Family Members. This gift provides loved-ones confidence and comfort in managing the end of a life journey.  We explore how to honor the wishes of a loved one at the time of death, and explore resources that will make this transition more manageable. Whether you are preparing these documents for yourself or for a parent, sibling or friend, this gift will be truly appreciated when that time comes.   

Resource Links
Health Care Directives 

Courageous Conversations
Preparing for Courageous Conversations
A Good Health Care Agent
Terms and Acronyms
Vital Information

How Do We Want to Be Remembered?

In Session Two, we turn to the softer side of our legacy gifts: How do we want to be remembered? How can we retain “membership” in the communities of meaning that have been so important on our life journey?   We explore creative ideas, memories and values that will endure long beyond our lifetime, and will have the added benefit of allowing us to savor important milestones and memories while still living with those we love and value.

Resource Links
Creative Life Rituals
Life Review Questions to Ponder
Spiritual Autobiography
Legacy Biography

Legacy Living and Legacy Giving

Session Three is entitled Legacy Living and Legacy Giving.  In this session, we turn toward specific ways to pass things along.  We start with Ethical Wills, a formal way to put into writing the values and teachings that we want our families, friends and communities to know.  We conclude with an “Estate Will” or estate plan that enables continuing financial gifts that support the generations who will come after us. 

Resource Links
Ethical Wills

Planned Giving Resources

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