Sermon Series

X, Y, Z — The Connected Generations
February Sermon Series 
For the first time in our history, we are living among 6 generations of American citizens— from members of the Greatest Generation (born before 1925) to those among Generation Z (born after 1997). The period of time represented by these generations is marked with unprecedented changes in culture, technology, science, and religion.
With fewer and fewer members of Generations X, Y, and Z engaged in the worship life of churches like WCC, we will spend three Sundays in February getting to know them better.  WCC members of these generations will share in their own words what they consider to be the biggest challenges they face, what the church can do, and what gifts they bring to the table.
February 9: Mental Health – The Pursuit of Happiness
February 16: Inclusion & Diversity – A More Perfect Union
February 23: Climate Change – Freedom of Choice
Big Fish: Tall Tales & Gospel Truths
March Sermon Series

As our Good Works Community Theatre prepares for the musical Big Fish, we will be observing Lent and preparing for Easter.
Reflecting on the fictional characters in the show, and non-fictional chracters of the Gospels, reveals the vital differences between fact and truth. In the musical, a father shares himself with his son through tall tales that point to important life lessons.  In a similar way, we learn about our Father/Mother God through the Gospels that point to eternal truths. Join us for this four week series of sermons and songs.

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