Sermon Series


The Geography of Hope
Lessons from Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery 

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The Story
Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and the men who comprised the Corps of Discovery, set out from St. Louis in May of 1804.  Their mission was to find the “Northwest Passage”— a rumored, all-water route up the Missouri River, over a one-day Portage, to the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean beyond.  The discovery of this route and vast resources of the West were considered critical to the young and growing United States of America in the East.  

Remarkable courage, endurance, and teamwork took the expedition farther than anyone could have hoped, but nothing could compare them for the disappointment in not finding a Northwest Passage or the challenge of crossing the Rocky Mountains on foot and horseback.  The lessons learned, wildlife discovered, native peoples encountered, maps drawn, and partnerships forged were all made possible by a persistent adherence to the geography of hope.

The Intentions
By reflecting on the collective experiences of Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery, without glamorizing the harsh realities of frontier life or social realities of the time, we have much to learn as a church which finds itself on an unexpected journey into unmapped territories, with new peoples to reach, and new methods to explore.  

Through this 4-part series, we hope to…

…REFRAME this pandemic chapter of the church from distance and despair, to hope and innovation.

…REDISCOVER the missional nature of the church from a known path, to a new direction.

…RECLAIM the leadership role the church can play in blazing a new trail of unity, inclusivity, and common good.

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