Sermon Series

Take Off Your Shoes: October Sermon Series

October 17-31, 2021
Authentic Leadership through the Lens of Moses
Rev. Danielle Jones

Moses is thought of as the most effective leader in all of scripture.  Moses famously led the Israelites out of slavery and into the promised land but he wasn’t a natural born leader. In order to effectively lead
Moses had to wrestle with his past, pay attention to what was happening in him and around him, and learn to take the next right step with God into the future.

Each of us has been tasked with leadership in one way or another. Some of us are reluctant to become leaders and others have been seeking leadership positions their entire lives.  No matter your stage of life or your circumstances, there are things we can learn from the life of Moses that will refine our faith and shape our leadership into the future. 

October 17: The Practice of Getting Real
Moses wasn’t a natural born leader his leadership emerged over time.  Wrestling with our past will pave the path toward our future.

October 24: The Practice of Paying Attention
The burning bush showed up right in the midst of Moses’ daily work and life. If we strain too hard to see the future we will miss what God is doing in the present, right before our very eyes. 

October 31: The Practice of Returning to God
Moses developed a deep and honest relationship with God that fueled his life and leadership for more than 40 years. We can do the same.


Better Together: Characteristics of Healthy Communities

November 7, 14, and 21
Rev. Dr. Tony Jones and Rev. Danielle Jones

To grow from a small group of people huddled in an upper room to a new faith that swept the Roman Empire, the earliest church clearly had something special. Of course, they told people about Jesus, but they also embodied the way of life that Jesus had lived. They lived out the virtues that he taught: they practiced compassion, love, and care for the poor; they engaged in healthy conversation — even debate; they welcomed outsiders. In short, they set a model for healthy community that we can embody today as we seek to live out our own faith.

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